About The Complex

Train like a fitness professional with the amenities of a health club. Although Dr. John Cook and Linda Cook have owned this gym for over two decades, on November 1, 2018 The Complex Fitness Training Facility transitioned into a completely independent and locally operated fitness facility. They now specialize in programming that helps their members reduce body fat while creating a stronger, more healthy, and more confident person. Personal Training is their forte. They only hire qualified and certified coaches that are committed to helping others change their lifestyle. They’re not your average “Gym” because they approach health and fitness through research and education.

The Complex offers a variety of unique and state of the art tools to help you reach your goals. Whether you want to drop body fat, put on muscle mass, or just fit into your pre-covid clothes, their Styku 3D Body Scan can help track your progress and guide you on the path to your goals. Start your Fitness Journey with their Athletix Program and they will provide you with a new scan every 8 weeks so you can track your changes and make adjustments.  Did you know they have a dry sauna too? The research of Sauna use and Hyperthermic Conditioning are now at the forefront of Health and Fitness! Sitting in our sauna, heated to over 170 Degrees, for 20 minutes a day, two or three times a week, will help you reap all the health benefits, Hyperthermic Conditioning has to offer.

As part of the Enjoy Local campaign, they are currently waiving the $25 enrollment fee. Couple that with their February membership offer of a free 3D scan for all 6-month plans, and you can save $55.


2205 West 23rd Street Yuma, Arizona 85364
(928) 343-1053


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January 11, 2021