Rolls and Bowls ☼


Flavor and Invention

We provide a unique blend of Japanese Cuisine with a zest of Mexican Flavor.

The culinary style of Rolls and Bowls is based on the combination of oriental dishes such as sushi rolls, teriyaki, wontons, etc, with traditional ingredients of Mexican cuisine such as avocado, cheese, or chipotle, using meat or chicken as alternatives or accompaniments of shrimp and surimi that is traditionally used, experimenting with them to create dishes with their own identity but with the flavor of our roots. With each small change, each variation in our methods, we have been polishing, perfecting our recipes, becoming fast in the execution and careful in the presentation, creating a style and culinary identity that we could simply call: The seasoning of Rolls and bowls.

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Rolls & Bowls Sushi – Foothills

11242 S Foothills Blvd Suite 15, Yuma, AZ 85367


Rolls & Bowls Sushi – San Luis

1627 Cesar Chavez Boulevard, San Luis, AZ 85349


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February 8, 2021